My work

at InnoTest

For InnoTest® I've worked on this 7 apps.

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From Design to Code

One of my favorite tasks while programming is to take a design from someone who knows what they're doing and translating it into code, be it SwiftUI, CSS or the creative design platform P5.js. Here are some examples of that in my work with InnoTest.

A Video to CSS

It was originally proposed as a video, but due to the need for more resolution I decided to recreate it as a responsive CSS animation. Once embedded in a WKWebView, the result is seamless:

The heart of the app - Navigation Bar

Inspired by Material's FloatingActionButton, this navigation bar is the main interaction in the app. At first we used Google's library but it became really restrictive, specially when trying to get closer to out intended design. So I remade it at first with custom UIKit views and eventually as a very flexible SwiftUI view. The result is, in my opinion, a piece of UI that closely conveys the designer's vision and works just as intended.

Home navigation bar